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Yacht Insurance

You wouldn’t head out without emergency flotation devices. So why weigh anchor without proper yacht insurance?

Yacht insurance is a highly specialized form of risk management. It can be confusing—fraught with details that could leave you and your vessel in very troubled waters. Without the help of experts, it’s kind of like trying to navigate perilous waters at low tide without a nautical chart.

Doukakis Corsetti is an independent insurance brokerage firm who has been advising yacht owners about the intricacies of boat insurance for more than 40 years. We have a history of nautical know-how and represent companies noted for their yacht insurance; however, not all policies are the same. For Instance:

  • Is your boat, or part of your boat, subject to depreciation?
  • If your boat sinks, can the insurer claim that the cause was a manufacturing or latent defect?
  • If your boat damages the marine environment, do you have coverage?
  • Is emergency towing included?
  • Are inflatable tenders covered?

The submerged fine print in your contract is where the hazards lie—the devil is in the deep, deep details. What is good for one owner may not adequately protect another. We’ll help you navigate the details and make recommendations regarding coverage, cost, and risk containment. Our premiums will be competitive for improved coverage.

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